Dr.M.A.Wali was regarded as one of the leading skin specialist of South Asia. He started his career as a medical officer in leprosy and was inspired in his mission by Christ ideal’s to the lepers as related in Sura Al Imran in the Holy Quran. He obtained FDS from England in 1978. He was an eminent social worker who also worked with Mother Theresa for the rehabilitation of the people affected by leprosy.

As patron for the 17th National Conference of IASSTD & AIDS, held at Calcutta in 1993, he was enthusiastically involved in organizing the conference which received the blessings of Mother Theresa in person. Unfortunately, the cruel hands of death snatched him away from us, just three weeks before the conference. His demise has been an irreparable loss to the Association. In memory of Late Dr.M.A.Wali, members of IASSTD & AIDS from West Bengal have raised funds and requested IASSTD & AIDS to install an oration in his name as “Dr.M.A.Wali Oration”. Members of IASSTD & AIDS appreciated and accepting the initiation taken by West Bengal Members and decided to install the oration from the year 1997. This oration is being delivered once in two years at the National Conference.

The following are those who have delivered the Dr.M.A.WALI Oration since its inception:

1997 21st National Conference Chennai Dr.A.S. Thambiah
1999 23rd National Conference Visakhapatnam Dr. Hendrick J Hulse Bosch
2001 25th National Conference Jaipur Dr. Joshi John
2003 27th National Conference Vadodara Dr.G.C. Saha
2005 29th National Conference Kolkata Dr.N. Usman
2007 31st National Conference Rhotak Dr.V.K. Sharma
2009 33rd National Conference Khajuraho Dr. Bimal Charles
2011 35th National Conference New Delhi Dr. Yogesh Sashikant Marfatia
2013 37th National Conference Mysore Smarajit Jana
2015 39th National Conference Coimbatore Dr.P.Jeyasingh
2017 41st National Conference Bhubaneswar Dr. Prasenjeet Mohanty
2019 43rd National Conference Kodaikanal Dr. Satyadarshi Patnaik
2022 46th National Conference Hyderabad Dr.V.Sudhakar Babu
2023 47th National Conference Kolkata Dr. Chandra Sekhar Sirka