IUSTI – IASSTD & AIDS SCHOLARSHIP The scholarship will be given from national conference to be held in 2014 onwards.Details of the scholarship must be available in the first brochure of the conference. Three papers will be selected and the scholarship amount is Rs 20,000 per each paper. Selection committee for scholarship will include scientific committee of the conference with President, Secretary of IASSTD & AIDS and Chief editor of IJSTD Paper for scholarship can be selected from the papers submitted for competition as well as free papers. Papers selected for the scholarship will have a separate session for presentation ( Paper will be excluded from the competition ) The presenter has to indicate in the abstract form that he/she is willing to be considered for scholarship. If the selection committee feels no paper of good standard no scholarship will be given in that year.The presentor selected must be present for the oral presentation. No proxy will be allowed.
Inclusion Criteria : Presentor can be a member or Non member of IASSTD & AIDS Must be a registered delegate of the conference Age – No bar
Exclusion Criteria: Office bearers of IASSTD & AIDS are not eligible Conference Committee members of that year are not eligible A person who has received the scholarship once is not eligible to apply for the second time.
National Conference Place Recipient 1 Recipient 2 Recipient 3
ASTICON 2014 Chandigarh Dr.Pratibha Kala Dr.Riti Bhatia Dr.Subash Sankar
ASTICON 2015 Coimbatore Dr.B.Senthil Sayinathan, Perundurai Dr.C.Chandrakala,Villupuram Dr.T.Bhanu Priya, Pondichery
ASTICON 2016 Bhopal Dr.Sangeta Kulkarni, Pune Dr.N.Vinay, Mysore
ASTICON 2017 Bhubaneshwar Dr.Sukhwinder Singh, New Delhi Dr.Tanvi Arora, New Delhi Dr.Sanjay Singh, New Delhi
ASTICON 2018 New Delhi Dr.Sonu Kumar Agarwal Dr.Pragati Grover Dr.Neha Dubey
ASTICON 2019 Kodaikanal Dr.M.Arun Kumar, Chennai Dr.Apoorva Dr.Aradhana Bhargava, New Delhi
ASTICON 2022 Hyderabad Dr.Swati Khullar Dr.Nikil Mehta Dr.Mahalingam Periyasamy, Chennai
2023 Kolkata