P.S. Ranganathan is a very simpleton and a dedicated person for his profession. He is a direct student of the doyans of Venereology both Dr. RV Rajam and Dr. PN Rangiah and collogue of our patron Dr CN Sowmini. He had completed his Diploma in Venereology from the Institute of Venereology and then he also completed his MD in General Medicine. He established the department of Venereology in Madurai Medical College as early as during 1950s.He started the post graduate course in Venereology at Madurai Medical College during 1978. He is also a close associate with Dr. Sardarilal. He had published many scientific papers in reputed journals and encouraged and trained his PGs also to the habit of presenting and publishing papers. His Work in the field of Nuero-syphilis is commendable. He had demonstrated Treponema Palidum as an autopsy finding in more than 20 cases.

This was an achievement during that period next only to Noguchi of Japan. The sudden demise of Dr PS Ranganathan on 1St November of 1982 was a great loss to the field of Venereology and for Madurai Medical College.

To encourage and motivate both the youngsters as well as the seniors in the profession the award have been instituted as Dr.P.S.Ranganathan memorial Award, in memory of the stalwart who had dedicated his life for the cause of Venereology and were foremost Venereologist of his time. The participants of the Awards present their scientific papers at the National Conference, observing all the rules and regulations laid down for the competitions. The winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes of the above competition are awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively every year at the National Conference.