Prior to 1928 Venereal diseases formed part of Surgery and surgeons were responsible for the medical care of Venereal Diseases patients in Govt. General Hospital, Madras. In 1928 Venereal diseases became a speciality and a separate department was started. During the Second World war the department contributed the largest number of Specialists to man the Army V.D. clinics both in India and abroad. In 1952 this department was upgraded by the Govt. of India and renamed as Institute of Venereology for purposes of post-graduate training and research.
At the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Institute of Venereolgy in 1978, during the Second National Conference of IASSTD, the members of the IASSTD instituted an oration, “Silver Jubilee Oration of Institute of Venereology”, to be delivered by an eminent scientist every year at the National Conference of the Association. Several luminaries have delivered this oration since its inception.

They are as follows.

1977 2nd MADRAS Dr. A. Thambiah
1979 3rd NEW DELHI Dr.P.N. Rangiah
1980 4th WALTAIR Dr. Schoffield ( U.K. )
1981 5th PONDICHERRY Dr.M. Ramachander
1982 6th KOTTAYAM Dr. Thampi
1983 7th BOMBAY Dr.B.R. Daruval
1984 8th BARODA Dr. Dharampal
1985 9th CHENGALPATTU Dr. Bhanu Verma
1986 10th BANGALORE  Dr. Subba Rao
1987 11th BHUVANESWAR Dr.C.N. Sowmini
1988 12th JABALPUR Dr.K.N. Gopalan
1989 13th MANIPAL Dr. Sardarilal
1990 14th NEW DELHI Dr.L. Yogeswari
1991 15th KOCHI Dr.J.K. Maniar
1992 16th JAIPUR Dr. Joshi John ( U.K. )
1993 17th CALCUTTA Dr. Gurumohan Singh
1994 18th CHIDAMBARAM Dr. Gopal Behari Mukherjee
1995 19th CHANDIGARH Dr.L.K. Bhutani
1996 20th ALLAHABAD Dr.N.C. Bhargava
1997 21st CHENNAI Dr.C.N. Deivanayagam
1998 22nd MUMBAI Dr.S.K. Satpathy
1999 23rd VISAKHAPATNAM Dr. Bushan Kumar
2000 24th CHANDIGARH Dr. James Bingham ( U.K. )
2001 25th JAIPUR Dr.G.C. Saha
2002 26th NEW DELHI Dr. Rishi Bhargava
2003 27th VADODARA Dr.C.C. Mohan Ram
2004 28th JABALPUR Dr.A.K. Jaiswal
2005 29th KOLKATA Dr.S. Murugan
2006 30th CHENNAI Dr.Imtyaz Ahmed
2007 31st RHOTAK Dr.V. Harindra
2008 32nd Kodaikanal Dr.Kuttikuppala Surya Rao
2009 33rd Khajuraho Dr.P.N. Sashidharan
2010 34th Vijayawada Dr.N. Usman
2011 35th New Delhi Dr.T.L.N. Prasad
2012 36th Kochi Dr.S.Ambujam
2013 37th Mysore K.Mahadevan
2014 38th Chandigarh Dr. Dinesh .C.Govil
2015 39th Coimbatore Dr.V.S.Dorairaj
2016 40th Bhopal Dr Jandhyala Sridhar
2017 41st Bhubaneswar Dr. Somesh Gupta
2018 42nd New Delhi Dr.S.Kalaivani
2019 43rd Kodaikanal Dr Yogesh S Marfatia
2022 46th Hyderabad Dr. Sunil Sethi
2023 47th Kolkata Dr. S. Arunkumar
2024 48th New Delhi Dr. Kaushal K Verma